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  1. Christian Foundation.​​

  2. Life skill introduction & Financial              Awareness.

  3. Leadership Empowerment,                  Entrepreneurship & Arts

  4. Academic & Technology

  5. Innovation & Positive School             Environment.

  6. Meditation, Nutrition                            , and exercise

  7. Motivational Speaking Sessions.



Cute Girl


CLLAIMM© Preschool is a unique early childhood education provider. The curriculum is developed to support children with varying learning styles and needs. We understand each child is different, therefore we provide different engaging activities.

Kids Dancing


Before / After school care is offered for ages 5-12. Transportation is provided to and from select schools in our community. We create a productive environment which aids each child to become their best.



The weekend program is an exciting and educational experience away from traditional learning. Children will be able to engage in different key areas such as important life skills, art & crafts, physical activities,  and academics, all while enjoying the weekend. 

Playing Basketball


Our sports program is a vital piece to  children's physical and psychological development. Children will learn the importance of sharing, working as a team listening to directions, and most importantly, staying active.


IMG_2757 2.jpg


CLLAIMM ACADEMY presents dance. Children will be able to participate in dance. This program will introduce 

different cultures of dance. The students will be able to express themselves through traditional cultural expressions. 

Painting Eggs


Our artists at CLLAIMM ACADEMY will be able to express their creative minds through visual arts.  The children will participate in age-appropriate

Architecture, ceramics, drawing, filmmaking, painting, photography, and sculpting throughout the year. 

Piano Practice


Music and Song at CLLAIMM ACADEMY will invite the children to improvise and make moments of opportunity for fun and self-expression. This will help to improve the student's cognitive function and academic performance. Music and song are  another great way our children will learn focus and memory and language skills

Little Director holding clapper board or slate film for making video cinema isolated on wh


Film and Drama at CLLAIMM ACADEMY create creativity; while engaging in it, the creative imagination runs wild. In this ever-changing world so important, and this is where children come up with new ideas. Children will be able to practice interesting ideas and solutions as well as learn the aspects of film and drama.


Culinary Arts

 The children will create food dishes at CLLAIMM ACADEMY. Their strengths and passions as they use their creative minds to make their dishes will prevail. This skill and practice are related to how artists and sculptors encapsulate their values into their pieces. Additionally, a dish can produce an emotional response but requires much effort from the chef.

hand of child holding old microphone with bokeh light background.jpg

Public Inspirational

 The children will create speeches on subjects of their interest and share them at CLLAIMM ACADEMY. Their strengths and passions will show up as they develop and share their thoughts on stage. CLLAMM Academy will have special speech nights for children to speak to an audience.

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